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Python is a popular programming language used heavily in Data Science. In these articles, we will be covering all the basics which you should know before we go into how to use Python for Data Science. The concepts which we will be covering are:

  1. Introduction to Python.
  2. Data Structures.
  3. Conditions and Loops.
  4. Functions.
  5. Exceptions and File Handling.
  6. Regular Expression and Web scraping.
  7. Object-Oriented Programming(OOPS).

Once we are done with the topics mentioned above, we are gonna learn the three important libraries. These libraries are:

  1. NumPy.
  2. Pandas.
  3. Matplotlib.

To make it easier to read, learn and practice, I’ll break down these ten topics into ten articles!. I hope you all are excited and eager to learn. …


Mohammed Ameen

Data Science enthusiast-Love reading books and exploring different cultures.

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